1. EastWest Credit Cards' Convert-to-Installment ("CTI") Facility is open to EastWest Credit Cardholders ("Cardholders") in good credit standing*.
  2. Under the said facility, the Cardholder has the option to convert his/her new retail or straight charge transaction to installment. New retail transactions may include local and foreign retail purchases, online purchases and mail-order transactions forming part of the Cardholder's latest Statement of Account (SOA) and/or the Cardholder's current unbilled retail transactions. Cash Advance transactions, monthly amortizations of other installment programs and transactions already forming part of the Cardholder's revolving balance are not eligible for CTI.
  3. The minimum amount eligible for conversion to installment is Php5,000.
  4. The transaction amount can be paid in easy and flexible installment terms of 6, 12, 18, and 24 months with the following corresponding low add-on rates per month:
    Term Add-on Rate Factor Rate EIR
    6 1.00% 0.1766667 20.2880%
    12 1.00% 0.0933333 21.4572%
    18 1.00% 0.0655556 21.6426%
    24 1.00% 0.0516667 21.5712%

    How to compute for the monthly installment:
    Transaction Amount X Factor Rate for Chosen Term = Fixed Monthly Installment

    Sample computation for a 12-month term:
    Php10,000 X 0.0933333** = Php933.33 Monthly Installment for 12 months

    **factor rate for the 12-month payment term at 1.00% add-on rate per month (equivalent to 21.4572% effective annual rate)

  5. Cardholder may apply for CTI:
    1. by clicking www.ewlend.com/esta to chat with the EastWest System Tech Assistant (ESTA) for billed and unbilled transactions; or
    2. through EastWest Online (EWOP) by clicking https://personal.eastwestbanker.com/Retail/servletcontroller for unbilled transactions only
  6. The Cardholder acknowledges that the CTI application will be subject to evaluation and approval.
  7. The Cardholder likewise acknowledges that the CTI application is based on his/her instructions and has no implication on his/her relationship with any establishment.
  8. Cardholder must allow at least five (5) banking days for the processing of the CTI application.
  9. Upon approval of the CTI application, the fixed monthly installment amount will be billed to the Cardholder's EastWest Credit Card account on his/her next and succeeding SOAs until the CTI availment is fully paid.
  10. A processing fee will be charged for each approved application.
    1. Php250 for each approved application via EastWest Online, EastWest Mobile and ESTA, or the EastWest System Tech Assistant
    2. Php500 for each approved application via EastWest Customer Service
  11. EastWest has the sole discretion to approve or reject the Cardholder's CTI application and, if such application is denied, EastWest has no obligation to furnish the Cardholder a notice or reason for such rejection. In case the CTI application is denied, applicable finance charges, if any, shall be imposed.
  12. The Cardholder's EastWest Credit Card account must be active and current. Should the Cardholder's EastWest Credit Card account be suspended, cancelled, or not renewed or should the Cardholder fail to make payments or otherwise breach or violate the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards, all unpaid CTI availments, as well as the entire outstanding balance in the Cardholder's EastWest Credit Card account, shall immediately become due and demandable.
  13. In case of partial payment by the Cardholder of the installment amount, the unpaid balance shall incur the usual finance charges imposed on revolving accounts in accordance with the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards.
  14. If the Cardholder pays the installment amount in full per month but has an outstanding or revolving balance on his/her previous/other purchases, said installment amount under the program shall likewise incur finance charges.
  15. Any and all finance charges already imposed upon the Cardholder's total outstanding balance or any part thereof to be converted into installment, whether the same consists of the Cardholder's previous balance and/or new purchases/transactions, will not be adjusted, refunded or credited back to the Cardholder upon approval of the CTI application.
  16. In case of pre-termination, the Cardholder agrees to pay an Installment Pre-termination Processing Fee equivalent to 5% of the remaining principal balance or Php500, whichever is higher.
  17. The Cardholder may cancel or pre-terminate his/her CTI application without being charged or imposed a pre-termination fee if the cancellation or pre-termination is made within two (2) banking days from date of application.
  18. The Cardholder shall continue to be bound by and comply with the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards which are incorporated herein by reference and of which he/she was furnished copies by EastWest, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the CTI Facility.
* Cardholders in good credit standing are those whose accounts are not delinquent, not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, those whose EastWest Credit Cards are not reported lost or stolen and those who have not, otherwise, violated any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards.

For inquiries and feedback, you may call EastWest's 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 8888-1700 or e-mail cards@eastwestbanker.com.

EastWest is regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas https://www.bsp.gov.ph

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