1. Definition of Terms
    1. "Account" means the Cardholder's Card account with the Bank.
    2. "Acquiring Bank" means the bank providing the Visa credit card terminal to the relevant establishment.
    3. "Bank" refers to EastWest Bank.
    4. "Card" refers to the EastWest Visa Platinum credit card issued by the Bank pursuant to the license by Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited. "Account" means the Cardholder's Card account with the Bank.
    5. "Cardholders" refer to persons to whom the Card was issued.
    6. "Cash Advance" means a cash withdrawal made using a credit card at a BancNet or Visa automated teller machine (ATM) or at EastWest stores.
    7. "Cash Rewards" means cash-convertible points earned by Cardholders based on Eligible Transactions made on their Card, subject to the conditions herein. Each Cash Reward is equivalent to one (1) Philippine Peso (Php).
    8. "Cash Rewards Program" or "Program" refers to the loyalty program extended to the Cardholders.
    9. "Eligible Transaction" means any retail, straight charge purchase/transaction successfully charged to the Card.
    10. "Good Standing" means accounts that are active, not cancelled, not delinquent, not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, not reported lost or stolen and those who have not, otherwise, violated any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards.
    11. "Installment Purchase" means a single transaction, payment for which is amortized in equal installments over a fixed period. Installment Purchases include, but are not limited to, Merchant Installment, Balance Transfer, Insta-Cash, Convert-to-Installment.
    12. "Merchant Category" means the classification of each merchant establishment as determined by the acquiring bank based on the nature of the merchant's business, as defined by Visa.
    13. "Promoted Category" means a Merchant Category being promoted by the Bank. Selection of Promoted Category/ies is/are subject to the sole discretion of the Bank.
    14. "Terms" refer to these Program Terms and Conditions.

  2. Eligibility and Participation
    1. The Program is open to all Cardholders in good standing at the time of redemption and as defined herein, unless otherwise determined by the Bank.
    2. If a Card is terminated at any time and/or for any reason, whether by the Cardholder or the Bank, all Cash Rewards accrued shall automatically be forfeited in favor of the Bank upon the voluntary or involuntary cancellation of the Card.
    3. Transfer of Cash Rewards to another EastWest credit card variant will not be allowed.
    4. The Bank is entitled, at any time, in its absolute discretion, and without the need to give any reason and/or notice, to terminate the Card or cancel and/or invalidate or reverse any Cash Rewards already earned/redeemed.

  3. The Cash Rewards Program
    1. Cardholders shall earn 0.3% Cash Rewards for completed Eligible Transactions, regardless of the establishment's Merchant Category.
    2. In addition to the 0.3% Cash Rewards, Principal Cardholders shall earn 2.7% Cash Rewards for completed Eligible Transactions of up to Php15,000 made at establishments classified under the Promoted Categories, per cycle month. Transactions exceeding the Php15,000 monthly limit shall earn 0.3% Cash Rewards.
    3. The Promoted Categories for the Card, except as the Bank may hereinafter provide, are: Department Stores and Dining Establishment (Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Bars/ Taverns/Lounges/Discos). Please see Glossary of Terms.
    4. Purchases from the following are not considered Department Store transactions (not an exclusive list): supermarkets/ groceries, convenience stores, furniture shops, petrol service stations, drugstores, hardware stores, appliance stores, and hotels. Purchases made at these establishments will only be eligible for the 0.3% Cash Rewards.
    5. Charges made in restaurants, bars, or caterers located inside hotel premises shall only be eligible for the full 3% Cash Rewards if the transactions are settled independently from hotel room charges. Any charge included in a hotel room bill will only be eligible for 0.3% Cash Rewards.
    6. Cash Rewards will be rounded down on a per transaction basis and the total earned for the month will be reflected in the Cardholder's Statement of Account (SOA).
    7. The Bank shall be bound by the Merchant Category designation made by the acquiring bank as prescribed by Visa.
    8. Cash Advances and Installment Purchases, regardless of Merchant Category, are not eligible to earn Cash Rewards.
    9. Returned purchases, disputed or unauthorized/fraudulent transactions, interest charges, card account fees and charged back transactions are not eligible for Cash Rewards. The Bank reserves the right to reverse any Cash Rewards earned on these transactions.
    10. Transactions made by the Supplementary Cardholder shall form part of the Principal Cardholder's transactions and shall qualify under this Program.
    11. Accumulated Cash Rewards will be indicated on each Cardholder's SOA as "Platinum Cash Rewards Summary" while the Card account remains active and current.
    12. To redeem their earned Cash Rewards:
      1. Principal Cardholder calls the EastWest 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at +63288881700.
      2. Press 2 to access the EastWest Visa Platinum account.
      3. Press 4 for Rewards Inquiry and Redemption.
      4. Press 1 to inquire about Rewards Points.
      5. Enter the 16-digit EastWest Visa Platinum credit card number.
      6. Press 1 to confirm your EastWest Visa Platinum credit card number.
      7. Press 0 to talk to a Customer Service Representative for redemption.
    13. Redeemed Cash Rewards will be credited to the Cardholder's card account as cash credits
    14. Only Cash Rewards that are reflected in the Cardholder's latest SOA may be redeemed by the Cardholder.
    15. The minimum amount for Cash Rewards redemption is Php500.
    16. Cash Rewards will expire every 24th month from the Card approval/renewal month. Upon the lapse of each 24th month, the Cardholder's Cash Rewards that have been reflected in the SOA will be reset to zero.

  4. Other Conditions
    1. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Card or Cash Rewards will be resolved by the Bank at its sole discretion.
    2. The Bank shall, at its sole discretion, have the right to vary, modify or amend the conditions of the Program such as, but not limited to the manner of calculation of the Cash Rewards, the setting of the applicable percentage of Cash Rewards, the Cash Rewards Feature, Promoted Categories, the inclusions and exclusion of merchant categories in the Program or the eligibility of transactions for the Program as stipulated in the Card's materials, and such modifications and amendments shall be effective on such date or dates as shall be determined solely by the Bank. The Bank will inform the Cardholder of any change from time to time by indicating the same on the pertinent Card statement of account and/or website.
    3. By signing on or using the Card, the Cardholder expressly agrees that the Bank's determination of eligibility to and computation of Cardholder entitlement to the Cash Rewards as final and binding and that the Cardholder consents to and agrees to fully abide by the Terms.

  5. General
    1. The Bank may amend or modify, from time to time, any of these Terms upon reasonable notice to the Cardholder.
    2. The Cardholder agrees that the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards are hereby incorporated by reference and shall form an integral part of these Terms.


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